Nepal will change your life forever.

It has been six weeks since we arrived in Nepal, and now I am back in Kathmandu in the very hotel where we started our expedition.  Words cannot describe the effect this country has had on me.  Our plans to climb quickly shifted as the people who make this country the culturally rich sanctuary we have all grown to love, were suddenly in need.  If I can take one thing away from this entire trip, I hope to cultivate the love and resilience that the Nepali people shared with us.  I met this woman while hiking through the remote village of Barpak.  She had lost everything and was suffering from major injuries, but still insisted on giving us a tour of her town.  Barpak suffered from near total destruction from the earthquake.  We road into Barpak on motorbikes nearly two weeks after the original members of our team had hiked into the village.  I was happy to see the villagers coming together to help clean the major pathway through the village.  It was clear that they had one thing on their mind, and that was to clean up the village that they were so proud to call their home and start rebuilding.

Nepali woman outside the village of Barpak share her joy in the midst of total destruction.  Photo: Cody Tuttle 

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