Life of a Porter

A few weeks ago while filming a new documentary with French director Eric Valli, I met a kind soul named Tsewang Norje.  He was a 66 year old egg porter with no home. This is a short glimpse into his life.

Porters and supply trains are the lifeline for these secluded mountain regions, bringing in necessary goods villagers would not be able to receive any other way. At the age of 66, Tsewang Norje keeps no permanent address. As an egg porter, he carries a steel frame with 840 eggs weighing between 130-150 pounds. His trek covers 70-120 miles with 3500 meters of elevation gain over 2 weeks. If he’s careful, he’ll only break a couple eggs during his journey, and make roughly $90 (USD). Tsewang’s determination reflects that of many people in Nepal as they move forward from this difficult time and prove that they are a strong, hard working and resilient nation.