Cody Tuttle - visual Artist

Adventure athlete and photographer, Cody Tuttle will always venture past the end of the trail. He seeks those who’s need for adventure and something real outweighs the normal comforts of life. Those who would rather ski fresh powder every day and live in their car over the american dream of life in suburbia. Home has become an idea rather than a place. Living out of a Sprinter van with his wife and dog, he has embraced the simple life. Cody combines ultralight cinematography equipment with his esteemed devotion for the outdoors to take viewers on a visual journey many would never experience otherwise.

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FAA Licensed Aerial Drone Operator


Jagermeister's Ice Cold Gig 

Nyima | Untouchables in Nepal

Wingate Motion Reel

LOWA | more than just living

The Road to Mustang, Nepal