Cody Tuttle


Cody Tuttle is a adventure photographer and filmmaker based out of Mammoth Lakes, CA. He has spent the past decade dedicating his life to documenting adventure and humanity in it’s rawest forms. Trusted by brands such as Adidas, Mercedes Benz, Outside Magazine, BBC, and the United Nations. Cody produces highly emotional and thought provoking photography and film to make a lasting impression on the viewer. With a deep rooted love for the mountains and her people Cody’s main priority is to create emotional documentaries that will change the way people view the world and help create an atmosphere of kindness and compassion.

When Cody isn't behind the lens you can find him flying high in his paraglider over the world's greater ranges. 


Adidas, LOWA Boots, Cilo-Gear, Kortel Design, Ozone Paragliders, Native Eyewear


high altitude mountain filmmaking
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